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Sneak Peek: aFe POWER's New Scorcher Pro Handheld Tuner




Here's a sneak peek of one of aFe's newest product lines.. Meet the Scorcher Pro Tuner! The Scorcher tuning line has been a fantastic way to increase power and performance for turbo applications as a module, and the next evolution is the aFe Scorcher Pro, which utilizes the OBD-II interface to flash the vehicle's ECU directly and get ultimate performance.

Several applications are finalizing tuning, and here's a glimpse inside R&D as we wrap up the tuning on a Corvette Z06 (C7).

The aFe Scorcher Pro handheld tuner loaded with aFe POWER's custom tunes are tailor-made for aFe POWER performance parts and able to take this stock C7 Z06's supercharged 6.2L LT4 engine from 603HP & 700 lbs. x ft of torque to a 



Monstrous 675HP & 

772 lbs. x ft.

That's gains of 72 horsepower and 72 lbs. x ft of torque!

Run #1 – 93 Octane Stock Intake – Stock Tune - 603 hp / 700 tq 

Run #2 – 93 Octane Stock Intake – aFe Tune - 645 hp / 725 tq 

Run #3 – 93 Octane aFe Intake – aFe Tune - 675 hp / 772 tq 



More information is coming soon, and we will have many more applications available for the Scorcher Pro. Stay Tuned!

9 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: aFe POWER's New Scorcher Pro Handheld Tuner”

  • Gerik

    Are there plans to include applications for Ram 1500 5.7l Hemi V8 Engines with MSD, and

    How is this flash-tuner going to compare with the Superchips Series of flash-tuners? Will you be offering multiple presets as well (Economy, Towing, Octane Specific, etc.)?

  • Jason gonzales

    I hope you guys do a titan xd gas version for the 5.6L

  • Andrew Dvorsky

    What about a 2013 Ford F-150 Ecoboost? Have your Scorcher Module now and cold air intake and throttle body! Love your products need a 2013 F-150 to Test tunes on?

  • alan wilson

    I have several American muscle cars from 1990---2010, what all do you make this programmer for? Thanks

  • Dwight Olson

    I have a 2012 BMW 135 M sport with BMW PPK installed in it already. I'm looking at doing an on-demand additional tune to boost power for the 3-4 track days I do per year but then bring it back to the 320HP PPK claimed power when I'm back on the street for the remaining 361 days per year. I believe your scorcher could do that, but am also interested in your new solution described above if/when it becomes available. Please let me know and also let me know if my PPK software that I paid dearly for, would be preserved as well when your device wasn't doing the control/power boost. Thanks! Dwight

  • Antonio Claudio Michael
    Antonio Claudio Michael October 12, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Will it work for a 2000 toyota 4runner or a 2005 ford excursion gas v10 both with volant colt air intake and racing coils and spark plus and alot more upgrades for both to many to list

  • D E

    Will you be offering a 91 oct. tune for the A8 Z06?

  • Billy

    I had install aFe power 54-12882-B Magnum Force Stage-2 Pro 5R cold intake system, Scorcher GT Module,Power 77-16304 Sprint Booster Power and blade Runner Gt series inter cooler to my 2017 F150 XLT 3.5L TT Ecoboost.I am currently using 98 Octane. How much Sorcher Pro will help to increase in horsepower?

    • Tyler Carrington

      Hi Billy, that depends on which tune you go with. We'll be able to send you a custom tune that will take advantage of that setup, but to get the actual horsepower number you'd have to put the vehicle on a dyno and see.

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