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Supra Sunday @ aFe POWER


aFe Supra Lineup

After over a year of limited car shows and car-related events, we were eager to get together with fellow enthusiasts again. When the opportunity to hold Supra Sunday at aFe POWER came up, we raced at the chance to host it.


Supra Sunday Roll In


It’s hard to know how an event will go after such a long hiatus, but we were stoked with the interest and turnout. Setup started early Sunday morning with our fellow vendors: StudioRSR, Motorsport Hardware, and Art of Attack. Soon after the coffee and donuts hit the table, the rumble of caravans could be heard around the corner. If the coffee wasn’t waking you up, the rolling thunder produced by thousands of horsepower sure did. 


Supra Sunday Vendor Booths
Supra Sunday aFe Booth
Yellow Supra
Top Secret Supra
Art of Attack Supra

Roll-ins seemed to happen one after the other and it wasn’t long before our lot was filled with enthusiasts and amazing cars. There were Supras of all generations and in all different styles; widebodies, track cars, 10-second cars, aired-out stance cars, sleepers, and even clean stock examples. No matter your preference, there was something for everyone.


Supra Sunday Raffle Winner
Supra Sunday Raffle Winner 1

With everyone gathered around, it was time for the raffle – because who doesn’t like free stuff, right? Lots of enthusiasts walked away with some great prizes from aFe POWER and our fellow vendors. We’d like to say thank you to the vendors for coming out and contributing awesome prizes and congratulations to all the winners.




Also, a huge thank you to everyone who attended, and we hope to see you at one of our many exciting events we have planned soon! Be sure to follow us at @aFePOWER to get info on all upcoming events.  



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