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  • A Day In The Life at aFe POWER: Off-Road Product Testing



    It's easy to get caught up in the routine of daily life. Most people here at aFe POWER are car enthusiasts first – Engineers, Marketers, Salespeople, Technicians, second.


    Every once in a while, we have to take a step back. Forget about creating new products and forget about the business side of things, because that’s not why we’re here. 


    We’re here because we not only want to exercise our passion every day, but because we want the chance to share our passion with others.


    The only things we love more than creating high-performance products are, one, using them ourselves and, two, hearing about the awesome experiences they allow our customers to have. 


    aFe POWER, as a company, started because a couple of enthusiasts wanted to make superior aftermarket products. Plain and simple. It’s our business model. We wouldn’t make it if we wouldn’t use it.




    Sure, you’ve probably heard about how aFe products are flow-tested and dyno-tested, but we don’t stop there. If you’re buying off-road suspension for your Raptor, best believe that suspension has hit the most insane trails in Ocotillo. Our Jeep intakes have tackled rock crawling, stream-crossing, KOH – and the list goes on.


    If you’ve been following along with some of our past news, you know we’ve been working to expand our suspension offerings. A lot of our parts we’re either updating or rebuilding from the ground-up and, like the rest of our products, with new inventive ideas, comes rigorous testing.


    ...This is the part of the job that puts it all back into perspective. 


    As we sit in the middle of the vast expanse of the hot Southern California desert, ready to explore, or as we’re looking out to a view of neighboring towns after we tackle a gnarly mountain climb – we remember, this is why we’re here in the first place.

    Needless to say, we’ve been developing a bunch of new parts, we’ve been shredding around putting them to the test, and we can’t wait to share them with you. 


    Off-roaders, sand toy enthusiasts: stay tuned to the website for news and new parts, fresh off the proving grounds, coming soon. In the meantime, we’ll see you on (or off) the trails.



  • aFe CONTROL Suspension Feature at SEMA 2015


    Power Automedia interviewed with Aaron Pfadt talking about aFe CONTROL / aFe POWER on new suspension products for 2015/2016 at our booth at the 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas. 


    We have a good variety of upgrades for the new S550 Mustang, Porsche, and BMW to name among the few cars we support including lowering springs, sway-bars, and coilover shock systems to improve the handling of your vehicle. 

    Ford Mustang coilovers 1

    aFe CONTROL Featherlight Coilovers for the 15+ Mustang S550


    Tested on the street and refined for the track. If you are looking for improved cornering while maintaining a comfortable ride, these coilovers will do just that.


    Also fits the EcoBoost and V6 S550 Mustangs.


    Click here for more info.

    PFADT coilovers for 2010-2014 camaro 1

    aFe CONTROL Featherlight Coilovers for the 10-15 Chevy Camaro 


    Lower your Camaro while maintaining a nice comfortable ride on the street. 


    Available in a Street/Track or Drag race version coilover.


    Click here for more info.

    BMW M3 and M4 coilovers 14-15 1

    aFe CONTROL Featherlight Coilovers for the 14-15 BMW M3/M4


    Maintain a quiet and comfortable ride, while carving the canyons or conquering the track.  


    Click here for more info.

    BMW M3 and M4 coilovers 14-15 1

    aFe CONTROL Featherlight Coilovers for the 12-15 BMW 335i F30


    Adjustable dampening, and ride height with a comfortable ride you can take to the track to race.  


    Click here for more info.

    PFADT Featherlight coilovers for c5 and c6 corvetter 1

    aFe CONTROL PFADT Series Featherlight Coilovers for the 09-13 Chevy Corvette C5/C6


    Replace that old leaf spring suspension and add adjustability for improved cornering performance. 


    Available in either a Street/Track or Drag race version coilover.  


    Click here for more info.

    Chevy Corvette C7 14-16 Coilovers 1

    aFe CONTROL PFADT Series Featherlight Coilovers for the 14-16 Chevy Corvette C7


    Boost on track performance, while keeping offtrack comfort.  


    Also fits the Z06 Corvette.


    Click here for more info.

  • aFe Control New Product: Featherlight Single Adjustable Coilovers; BMW M3/M4 (F80/82/83) 2014-2015

    430-503001-N BMW M3_M4 (F80_82_83) 2015 Featherlight Coilovers-page-001430-503001-NA1600

    aFe Power is proud to introduce another addition to the aFe Control suspension line: Featherlight Single Adjustable Coilovers for the 2014-2015 BMW M3/M4 (F80/82/83). Developed on the track and refined for the street, both ride height and damping are easily adjustable allowing for fine tuning your BMW’s stance and ride quality! The mono-tube construction utilizes a floating piston to separate the oil and nitrogen gas. This allows for predictable handling and a consistent feel, optimized for street and track use. The 24 distinct settings on the front and rear shocks accommodate for a comfortable street feel, all the way up to track settings.


    • Fully ride height and damping adjustable with 24 distinct settings on the front and rear • Lightweight Hard Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum bodies, yield high strength, while still maintaining a lightweight design • Inverted mono tube front strut features 36mm Hard Chromed shaft and capable of high braking and cornering loads • Mono Tube Construction utilizes an internal floating piston to separate oil and gas, allowing for more predictable handling, and a consistent feel • 6061-T6 aluminum rear ride height adjuster with performance springs


    Front Coilovers

    The front coilovers features an inverted mono tube design which places the damping adjuster on the bottom of the shock, allowing for quick easy adjustment. 36mm high strength hard chromed strut shafts house the double digressive valving and are capable of high braking and cornering loads, translating into less bind and a smoother operation


    In the rear, CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum ride height adjusters are employed maintaining the factory spring location for quiet operation and strength. The rear shocks feature the CIRC (Concentric Integrated Remote Canister) system that more than triples the gas volume over a standard coilover resulting in consistent operation over a wide temperature range and throughout the stroke.

    Order Today!

    (P/N: 430-503001-N)

  • aFe Sets 2015 Mustang Lap Record at Laguna Seca!



    The aFe team had a great weekend as we headed up the California coast to put the aFe 2015 Mustang GT through its paces at the famous Laguna Seca Raceway. The goal to push the new aFe CONTROL Coilovers and Sway Bars in the track environment and test their performance. We also took the opportunity to test the aFe prototype Magnum Force Stage 2 Air Intake System.

    We are pleased to report the aFe Mustang performed flawlessly, and the improved handling abilities provided by the aFe CONTROL Adjustable Coilovers and Sway Bars allowed us to put down a record lap time of 1:43.9 with our own driver, a very quick time that takes this mildly modified Mustang GT into a lap time of vehicles costing triple or more, and including besting previous cars like the 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 and 2008 Shelby GT500KR.


    Here is a CAD rendering of the 2015 Mustang Coilover along with the Sway Bar


     Image of the aFe CONTROL 2015 Mustang GT Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar Kit (Part #440-301001N)


    All of these products installed are prototypes, and will be launched soon. In addition to the suspension upgrades and intake, we also are in development on Headers, Cat-Back and a full 3" Exhaust which will continue to add horsepower.

    Take a ride on this record setting lap in the aFe CONTROL Mustang here:



    Here is an additional run from early in the weekend putting the Mustang through it's paces:


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