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Takeda Air Intake System 2009-14 Nissan GT-R (R35) V6-3.8L

Takeda USA releases the ATTACK air intake system for the 2009-2014 Nissan GT-R (R35) with V6-3.8L (tt) engine, P/N TA-3007BThis intake is unique and unlike other after market intake systems on the market. The unconventional look of this particular system is a great conversation starter. You don't see too many intake systems designed like this one.   The Takeda ATTACK intake utilizes a custom-made 29" long-dual flange filter designed to fit into the Nissan GT-R front bumper and capture the coolest air possible entering in from the grille. When the engineers were designing this system they realized that the best location for the air filter would be right behind the front grille. This intake does require that removal of the front bumper during installation and is loaded like a cartridge. We didn't have an existing filter that would fit so they designed a custom filter with two flanges.

An image of the intake system for the Nissan GT-R
An image of the Nissan GT-R

What makes the Takeda ATTACK system for the Nissan GT-R unique and unlike other intake systems is the two auxiliary air filters located close to the turbos creating  more airflow and providing additional air across the entire power band. One long 29" cylindrical air filter mounted horizontally behind the center grille draws massive air during high boost. During flow and dyno testing, prior to adding the auxiliary air filters, the system wasn't producing enough power, so the engineers decided to add the two small filters on each tube to gain more air flow. We went from 13 percent flow to 24 percent, almost doubling what we would have without the auxiliary filters which produced the verified power on the in-house dyno.

 An image of the Takeda intake system installed on the Nissan GT-R

(The intake sits behind the fender well and is mounted horizontally. Two additional air scoops were included to produce additional air flow.)


The Takeda ATTACK intake system uses the Pro 5R pre-oiled washable/reusable air filter for maximum protection and outflows the factory intake by 24%.


An image of the auxiliary filter on the Takeda Air Intake System

(Two smaller conical filters located outside the grille, draws airflow early and provides additional air across the entire power band.)

In recent testing, the Takeda ATTACK system produced up to 17 additional horsepower and 20 lbs. x ft. torque and outflowed the factory intake system by 24 percent. We also tested the car on the road to make sure it has no driveability issue and to ensure long term and short term fuel are in safe parameters.  

An image of an air flow chart
An image of the dyno chart for the Nissan GT-R

This intake system utilizes dual madrel-bent aluminum tubes. The powder-coated intake tubes directs unrestricted airflow from the filters to the turbos. The tubes are flow and dyno-tested to ensure no additional tuning is required.

A side image of the Takeda air intake system tubes

P/N  TA-3007B is available in stores now. For further details and pricing click here or contact our Power Professionals at 888-901-7693.

Takeda Attack Intake- Black (P/N TA-3007B)

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