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Takeda Cold Air Intake for Focus ST - Prototype Testing w/Dyno

Final dyno testing is taking place on the new Takeda Air Intake System for the 2013+ Ford Focus ST.  This turbo 2.0L EcoBoost engine is a high-torque monster that really loves the additional airflow the Takeda intake brings to the table.  When installed on our DynoJet dynomometer, helped an otherwise bone stock Focus ST hit over 300lb x ft of torque!


aFe / Takeda Cold Air Intake Focus ST 2.0L Turbo EcoBoost


These are some images directly out of R&D of the prototype in action, which is why the piping isn't polished and everything isn't perfect as it would be coming out of the Takeda box, but it will be available soon.


aFe / Takeda Air Intake System Focus ST 2.0L EcoBoost w/Cover

Also shown with a 3D printed version of the engine cover which will seal the intake to ensure cold air is pulled from the OE airpath versus hot engine bay.


Here's a quick clip of the intake in action, complete with dyno numbers:


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