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The Next Generation of Scorcher


We’re always looking for ways to get you the most horsepower and improve the user experience with our products. In the case of our Scorcher modules, we’ve found a way to incorporate Bluetooth technology into the module itself to allow for control of the Scorcher from your cellphone. Now, instead of having to route the button inside your cab, you can change your performance mode easily from our app you can download from your native app store. Our app also allows you to view some data about your vehicle like engine rpm, boost psi, 0-60 times, ¼ mile times, and more. All of this was not possible on our previous generation Scorcher module. Ultimately this means more control of your vehicle with piece of mind knowing more of what’s going on internally on your ride. 

Scorcher Blue Gauges
Scorcher Blue Gauge
Scorcher Blue Module

Another feature of the Scorcher blue is the ability to easily remove the module itself and cap off the wire harness to put the vehicle back to stock without having to touch the actual sensor plugs again. This means if you need to take your vehicle in for service you can just remove the module, cap off the end, and you’re as good as stock. You'll also be able to update the module from the app to make sure you're always getting the most performance possible. 

The Scorcher Blue has no complicated modes to set up or tunes to upload, just plug in the unit to unlock your vehicle’s full potential at the push of a button. You'll immediately see just how much power your vehicle was missing right off the lot of the dealership. The performance capability of the Scorcher Blue is the same as the Scorcher HD or Scorcher GT, with the added perks of being able to connect with your phone for adjustments to the performance level along with displaying some vehicle info to the palm of your hand. We here at aFe POWER are proud to offer you the best plug-and-play power solution on the market!

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